The Lowell Cafe Americas First Cannabis Cafe

The Lowell Cafe Americas First Cannabis Cafe

LOS ANGELES CA, October 3 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — The Lowell Cafe Americas First Cannabis Cafe is officially opened at 1201 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA. The Lowell Cafe is the first fully licensed cannabis cafe in America.


There are some rules, however, so that no one under 21 is allowed inside. The cafe also encourages patrons not to drive home while under the influence.

“A couple of questions we ask at first is: what’s your tolerance level, and are you with someone safe or do you have a method to get home after,” explained Erika Soto, a flower host.


Uber and Lyft are easily available in Los Angeles, so that should not be a factor.


Head Chef Andrea Drummond Trained At Le Cordon Bleu


The Lowell Cafe’s Head Chef Andrea Drummond trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles. She has created a menu of California flavors that include sticky tamarind wings, miso-glazed pork belly, jalapeño mac and cheese bites.

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The food at the cannabis cafe, while delicious, under current law it cannot be infused with cannabis. But then, the Lowell Cafe is a hybrid weed lounge and restaurant. You can smoke cannabis flower right along with your meal.


The cannabis cafe is also restricted from selling alcohol on the premises. But the trendy cafe still serves juice, coffee, tea, Boylan’s soda, and milkshakes.

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And diners at the cannabis cafe can still enjoy the “Dab Bar” and “Flower House” with hosts to assist both novice and experienced marijuana users.

Lowell Cafe Is A Dispensary

In fact, Lowell Cafe is also a cannabis dispensary where they sell vaporizer pens, cannabis oil, cannabis beverages, and bongs.


For the munchies there is McConnell’s ice cream, a Mexican chocolate sundae, or a Fruity Pebbles cheesecake. Prices for the cafe’s dishes range from $9 to $23.

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“We promise this aromatic voyage will delight the senses of both newcomers and connoisseurs, alike, “ says the cafe’s website.


Americas First Cannabis Cafe


Restaurant director Kevin Brady told the LA Times that the new cannabis cafe has already generated quite a buzz.


“We have families reaching out wanting to bring their kids or grandparents and high school groups of friends flying from all over the world,” said Brady. “I feel like we’re Disney World.”

In 2018, voters approved marijuana legislation that made it legal to sell and distribute cannabis in California. There are now more than 10,000 licensed cannabis operators in the state.

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Recreational marijuana use is legal in nearly a dozen states. Sixty-five percent of all Americans now think recreational marijuana should be legal.


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