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How To Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors — Part One

LOS ANGELES CA, November, 12 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — What if you could grow the same bud that you are buying at your local dispensary and never run out? It’s entirely possible. Now that it’s Read more…

17 States Where Home Grown Marijuana Is Legal

LOS ANGELES CA, November 8 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — Yes, there are 17 states where home grown Marijuana is legal, and that doesn’t count the District of Columbia. Home grown marijuana is legal due to Read more…

Home cannabis cultivation

LOS ANGELES CA, September 20 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday sustained Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of House Bill 364. HB-364 would have allowed home cannabis cultivation for medical marijuana patients. Read more…

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