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National Expungement Week

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National Expungement Week Beto Uses Marijuana Taxes For Grants

LOS ANGELES CA, September 26 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — Smoking Legal Marijuana During National Expungement Week brings the cruelty of the War on Drugs into focus.


National Expungement Week (N.E.W.), runs from Sept. 21–28, 2019, and features a week of events across America.

These events offer legal relief to the millions of Americans with criminal records. Criminal records follow Americans long after sentences have been served and can have a chilling effect on quality of life.


Last week presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke released his wide-ranging plan for marijuana legalization. Beto’s package of criminal justice reforms addressed more than just legalizing marijuana, it delved into expungement, taxation, and reparations.

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Beto’s plan to legalize marijuana seeks clemency for those sentenced for possession and grants for those who have served time.

Drug War Justice Grant


Beto is pushing for a federal tax on the marijuana industry that would fund a “Drug War Justice Grant.” The grants would allow those formerly incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana offenses to work or start a business in the legalized marijuana industry.

Drug War Justice Grants would be in the form of a monthly stipend. The stipend would assist those who has already served time for nonviolent marijuana convictions.

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“We need to not only end the prohibition on marijuana, but also repair the damage done to the communities of color disproportionately locked up in our criminal justice system or locked out ofopportunity because f the War on Drugs,” said Beto in a press release.


“These inequalities have compounded for decades, as predominantly white communities have been given the vast majority of lucrative business opportunities, while communities of color still face over-policing and criminalization.


It’s our responsibility to begin to remedy the injustices of the past and help the people and communities most impacted by this misguided war.”

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Beto has advocated for cannabis legalization since his time on the El Paso City Council, back in 2005.


In 2011, Beto co-authored a book, Dealing Death and Drugs: The Big Business of Dope in the U.S. and Mexico. The book co-authored with council colleague, Susie Byrd, argued for ending the federal prohibition on marijuana.

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Tom Angell, publisher of Marijuana Moment, says about Beto’s marijuana expungement proposal. “His direct grant payments to people harmed by the drug war is unique,” said Angell.


“It goes much further than the restorative justice measures put forth by other contenders that focus more on reinvestment at the community level.”

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National Expungement Week Near You


Click here for a list of events during National Expungement Week taking place near you. Visit Dr. Cyberspace regularly for the latest in hemp news, cannabis cultivation and rapidly changing cannabis laws.


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