Massive Cannabis Cultivation Op Busted

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Los Angeles CA, September 9 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop —  Authorities in Sonoma County closed down a massive cannabis cultivation operation in South Santa Rosa last week.


It turned out to be the biggest bust of an illegal marijuana grow in the county’s history.


The Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department reportedly seized more than 63,000 unlicensed cannabis plants.


The illegal cannabis grow spanned five properties in South Santa Rosa and was located in a habitat for endangered California tiger salamanders.


This bust was another example of Sonoma County’s continued crack down on illegal cannabis cultivation.

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It was less than 2 months ago that County inspectors discovered another large unpermitted cannabis cultivation operation in Santa Rosa.


Permit Sonoma, with an inspection warrant and assistance from Sonoma County Sheriffs officers, found more than 9,000 unpermitted cannabis plants.


Hazmat Team Called For Hash Oil Lab


In addition, inspectors had to call in the county’s HazMat team after uncovering a hash oil lab on the property.


Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department managed the removal of the unpermitted cannabis plants.


California officials have stepped up enforcement actions against illegal cannabis cultivation since the start of legal marijuana sales in the state.


Unlicensed cannabis grows are being shut down across California this year by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).

Together with law enforcement agencies the BCC has confiscated around $30 million from illegal cannabis cultivation sites and unlicensed shops.


Lindsay Robinson, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, called enforcement actions by the Bureau “severely inadequate.”


She added that the Bureau should broaden its enforcement actions against illegally operating shops.


The California Finance Department reports that only 15 of 68 open enforcement positions with BCC had been filled by July-2019.


The Finance Dept. says that the agency was short of funds which hampered its ability to provide more enforcement.


In many states cannabis cultivation of a designated number of marijuana plants is perfectly legal. Find the laws concerning you state and follow them.


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