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LED Grow Lights For Indoor Cannabis Growing


LOS ANGELES CA, March, 7 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — LED grow lights for indoor cannabis growing don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Lighting is a very important part of growing marijuana indoors and choosing the right lights can help determine your yield.



Cannabis growing technology is advancing quickly because none of the negative press prior to legalization and decriminalization has come true.


Indoor cannabis growing requires special lighting. In the early days of indoor cannabis gardens, growers used (HPS) High Pressure Sodium and (MH) Metal Halide bulbs due to their intensity. Marijuana plants in an open area responded as they should.


But in a restricted area like a closet grow, in many cases, too much heat was produced for a good grow. Even with exhaust fans the heat builds up very quickly in a closet.



When you’re renting you can’t cut a hole in the closet ceiling so that you can vent into the attic. You’re forced to become creative.


Moving from HPS and MH lights to LED lights was a slow but necessary process. LED lights which are much cooler than MH and HPS lights were introduced to cannabis growers several years ago. Only recently, however, have the prices fallen enough to allow small growers to afford them.


Today many LED lighting manufacturers are advancing in quality and prices are dropping dramatically. You don’t have to look very hard to find several quality Full spectrum LED lights at a fair price. The good news is… most quality (but not necessarily expensive) LED grow lights typically last for 50,000 hours.

Each indoor crop requires approximately 1300 hrs of light per crop. That breaks down to 4 weeks with the lights on for 18 hours daily during the veg cycle. And 8 weeks with the lights on for 12 hours daily for flowering. Of course, the length of time will vary slightly. However, you can clearly see that LED grow lights will last for many years.


Even though LED lighting is cooler than HPS it doesn’t remove the need for an inline exhaust fan. The exhaust fan isn’t used to just remove heat, it removes moisture as well.


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Nor does it remove the need for a charcoal filter unit to control the scent of your crop. But this article is about lighting, and it’s for anyone who is in the market for LED grow lights. I will list a handful that may interest you and are available to purchase on Amazon.


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The first LED grow light is a Full spectrum 1000 watt Giixer grow light with Dual Switch & Dual Chips. 【Warranty and Customer Service】24 months quality guarantee and 30 days refund. It has more than 700 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars. If you’re on a tight budget it’s fairly inexpensive for a 1000W LED grow light.

The second grow light is a BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light that is Full Spectrum with Dual-Chips. The BESTVA LED grow light carries a 3-year warranty. It also has a 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee. It has more than 1500 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars. This 1000W LED grow light is moderately priced and popular.


The third grow light is a MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Sunlike Full Spectrum fanless LED grow light. The MARS grow light has nearly 500 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars. These LED grow lights are the most costly but very popular for their fanless design.

I’m showing 1000W LED grow lights because that will do the job in a standard 4-foot wide sliding door closet. Indoor cannabis growing, whether for medical marijuana patients or just for having fun, can save you a fortune. It’s not free, but you never run out of medicine and you can stay within your local laws.


Look in the sidebar for a MARS HYDRO 4×2 grow tent that slips into most 4-foot wide sliding door closets. Add a light and an inline fan with carbon filter and you’ve got a superior grow room.


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