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How To Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors — Part One

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How To Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors

LOS ANGELES CA, November, 12 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — What if you could grow the same bud that you are buying at your local dispensary and never run out? It’s entirely possible. Now that it’s legal to grow cannabis plants in many states, it’s time to learn how to grow cannabis plants indoors.

This is the first article in a series of articles to come, about how to grow cannabis plants indoors. We will be covering soil and hydroponic grows and we will be testing the tools for indoor cannabis cultivation. Make sure you subscribe to Dr Cyberspace to get the articles directly to your inbox.



How To Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors And Locked


Many of the new marijuana laws across America allow home grown marijuana. Check out our article “17 States Where Home Grown Marijuana Is Legal” and see if your state is one of them. But many of those same cannabis laws stipulate that the cannabis plants should be hidden or locked behind closed doors. There are many reasons that states want your gardens hidden but mostly it’s to keep it away from children.


With 8 states that may legalize marijuana in 2020 it’s time to prepare for legalized cannabis cultivation. One of the states that may legalize in 2020 could be your state, check it out. Cannabis cultivation, even on a small scale can supply enough medical marijuana for the average patient’s needs.


In states with legal recreational marijuana there are strict limits on the number of cannabis plants that can be grown simultaneously. The number ranges from 3 to more than a dozen.



California Cultivation Laws Allow 6 Cannabis Plants Per Home


According to California cultivation laws, we at Dr Cyberspace can each grow a maximum of 6 cannabis plants per home. You cannot sell anything that you grow, that is illegal. Many families can get by with a garden that is very compact yet still capable of growing more than a pound of high-quality bud every 3 months.

A spare closet can supply enough marijuana for several adults. Many in recreational weed states where homegrown marijuana is legal, buy tents and have fantastic results growing marijuana. The setup is relatively simple because plants require 3 things; water, light, and a growing media.


Whether it is a soil grow or a hydroponic grow, cannabis plants need a constant supply of nutrients. And if they are to produce decent yields, they need added nutrients especially when flowering. Beginners typically start in soil because it is cheaper, and it has a much shorter learning curve. Soil is also more forgiving than hydro but yields less bud than growing in Coco Coir, which we prefer. Again, there is a slight trade-off between soil and hydro.


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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are Cooler For Indoor Grows


The best grow lights for indoor plants in our opinion are full spectrum LED grow lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode technology. MH and HPS grow lights are much too hot for most closet home grows. HPS stands for High-Pressure Sodium and MH stands for Metal Halide grow lights. Fluorescent lights are rarely used beyond seed germination.

If you get the best LED grow lights, not necessarily the most expensive, you can use the same grow light for veg and flower stages. You will be amazed at your yields. Actually, LED grow lights can be used for the seedling, veg, and flowering stages of your cannabis plants.


You will use an inline exhaust system to draw the heat away from your cannabis plants and to help balance the humidity. In addition to the exhaust system, you will likely add a charcoal filtering system to reduce the sweet smell of your flowering cannabis plants. The activated charcoal filter will remove around 90%- 95% of the fragrance.


Circulating Fans Help To Inhibit Fungus Growth


Continuously moving air in the grow room is supplied by two circulating fans that are meant to inhibit fungus growth. Inside the grow room you will have a thermometer and a hygrometer to help you manage the temperature and humidity. Temperatures in your grow room should remain below 85°F, 72°-82°F is ideal for cannabis plants.

Using LED grow lights will keep your grow room cooler than using MH and HPS grow lights. Setting your 12-hours on/12-hours off light cycle to be on at night will help control the heat, as well. You can also increase the humidity which has a cooling effect and will help lower the temperature by as much as 5°F.


If your grow room temperature is constantly high in the summer months some say add an air conditioner. We recommend holding off until the weather cools enough for a grow. We have been there with A/C, and when you get the bill, your entire life will flash before your eyes.


Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds Produce Shorter Plants


Home Grown Marijuana is about controlling the quality, the yield, and the cost of your cannabis growing. Your initial investment in the grow room should be enough to carry you for several years. After your initial investment, you will be left with the cost of electricity, soil or other growing media, the seeds or seedlings, and nutrients.


Cloning can save you seed money but some local laws limit the number of mature female plants and seedlings that you can grow at the same time. Check your local laws. I say female plants because seeds are feminized now and unless your planning on breeding cannabis plants don’t buy male seeds.


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The best cannabis seed suppliers now offer auto-flowering feminized seeds. An auto-flowering feminized cannabis plant will be quite a bit shorter than a feminized cannabis plant. The yields will be much smaller on an auto-flowering cannabis plant, as well. You’re also not restricted to a 12/12 light cycle to force flowering with many strains.


I also suggest that if you grow cannabis plants indoors in a tent make sure it’s six-feet-tall. Short tents for cannabis plants are not recommended. Visit Dr Cyberspace regularly for the latest in hemp news, cannabis cultivation and rapidly changing cannabis laws.   Image by Rex Medlen from Pixabay


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