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How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

LOS ANGELES CA, December 4, 2019 (Dr Cyberspace) Cannabis seeds need just three things to break dormancy and germinate; water, heat and air. Dr Cyberspace will show you how to germinate cannabis seeds for your home grown marijuana. Whether your growing medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, check your local cannabis laws and stay within them.

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There are four basic types of cannabis seeds that are available in today’s marijuana industry. The four types are;

  • natural cannabis seeds: which produce both male and female cannabis plants and need 11-12 hours of sunlight and darkness to produce flowers.
  • feminized cannabis seeds: will produce 99.9% female cannabis plants and need 12 hours of sunlight and darkness to produce flowers.
  • autoflowering cannabis seeds: produce mature ready to harvest cannabis plants in 70-80 days after germination.
  • autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds: will produce 99.9% mature female ready to harvest cannabis plants in 70-110 days after germination.


The first thing a grower should do is decide what type of cannabis seeds you will grow. When you grow natural cannabis seeds, also known as “regular” cannabis seeds; or autoflowering cannabis seeds, you will get both male and female cannabis plants. When you grow feminized or autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds you will grow female cannabis plants.


Dr Cyberspace follows two of the world’s top cannabis seed suppliers. You will find their banners and links all over this site. These cannabis seed suppliers are extremely reliable with the widest selection of top varieties available at competitive prices.


Once you’ve decided as to the type of cannabis plant you will grow, buy your seeds. With seeds in hand, it’s time to pop your cannabis seeds. Back in the day, we would simply drop the cannabis seeds into a cup of water and set them high up on a shelf. It is still advisable to soak your seeds overnight before using the two plate method.


Today we use the two plate method. Some of the top breeders of cannabis seeds use this method with subtle variations, but always with good results. The plates work best because when you buy different varieties you don’t need several cups in which to germinate them.



You take two plates flip one over and use it as a cover for the second plate. Between the two plates you cover the bottom plate with two trimmed paper towels and space your seeds on them. If you have mixed varieties use a ball-point pen to label each seed, then cover with two more paper towels and saturate.

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By saturating the cannabis seeds, you allow the water to penetrate the hard shell and activate the seed’s dormant hormones. It happens within minutes of wetting the seeds. Don’t drown them, use a spray bottle to make sure they stay moist but pour off any standing water.



Next cover with the second plate and set the wet cannabis seeds atop your grow tent. But only if the temperature in the room is between 70 and 90 degrees. If not, find another location that is within the correct temperature range. Check your cannabis seeds without disturbing them every 8-12 hours and use the spray bottle to keep the paper moist.


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While tap water is usually fine, some growers prefer to germinate their cannabis seeds using distilled water or filtered water.  DO NOT LET THE PAPER TOWELS DRY OUT. In a few days your cannabis seeds will sprout as the initial root tip of the white radicle (rootlet) pops through the shell. Do not wait for the rootlet to grow more than 1/4 inch before planting.


Prepare your soil or another planting medium while you’re waiting for your seeds to pop. A good place to start your seedlings is in 2-inch pots, jiffy pots, or rock wool squares. Depending on the planting medium that you choose. Use a pencil or pen to make a hole 1/4 inch deep in your pots or squares. Using your fingers or tweezers, gently drop the sprouted seeds into the hole with the taproot facing down.


Next, using your spray bottle, water the seeds. The heat from your grow lights will keep the sprouts warm as they break through the soil’s surface. Full spectrum LED lights are used in our grow tents. We feel that they are the best grow lights for indoor plants.


Keep your lights around 24 inches above your seeds. Put your hand under the light to feel its intensity, it should be slightly warm. Coming articles will cover vegging and flowering your cannabis plants.


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