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Growing Marijuana At Home During The Pandemic

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Growing Marijuana At Home In A Pandemic RULES

LOS ANGELES CA, April 7 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — I’ve found that growing marijuana at home in a pandemic Rules. As it turns out it has been the perfect way to stay healthy. I received my second Moderna innoculation yesterday.  Who knew a year ago we would be locked down at home, growing marijuana during a deadly pandemic?


It just so happens that growing marijuana in your basement in California is 100% legal. And it comes with some incredibly pleasing rewards. When the pandemic is over, I’m sure we’ll look back on this as our escape.


This year promises to be a good year for home grown marijuana gardens, particularly with “legal marijuana” friendly President Joe Biden, in office. The mood and the atmosphere in America will be much less negative toward marijuana use, as well.


President Biden will soon begin encouraging states to begin legalizing marijuana across America. The President must clean up COVID-19 first but I have confidence that he will clean up COVID very quickly.


The Democratic led Senate will soon be voting on legalizing marijuana on the Federal level according to the new Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Home grown marijuana is now legal in many American states. Click here to see if home grown marijuana is legal in your state. Each election brings new states on board as voters choose overwhelmingly to consume “legal marijuana.”



If you enjoy cannabis and live in a state where growing marijuana is legal, you should already be growing your limit. Growing marijuana is incredibly simple, It’s even easier when you have someone to follow.


Dr Cyberspace.com is located in California where both Recreational marijuana and Medical marijuana consumption are legal.


To grow medical marijuana in California you just need a “Medical Marijuana Identification Card.” In California, ID cards are easy and inexpensive to obtain. With a California medical marijuana ID card you can grow twelve cannabis plants legally in your home.


There are several laws that govern growing marijuana with a medical marijuana card but they are typically easily followed.


Recreational marijuana use is also legal in California. Anyone over 21 years of age may grow six cannabis plants in their home and “Not” be breaking the law.


Important: Dr Cyberspace is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained on this website is intended for informational purposes only. Information is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.


The reason so many Californians have turned to growing marijuana on their own, is the price. Marijuana prices at many of the local dispensaries have gone “through the roof.”


An eighth of an ounce of Jack Herer at the local dispensary costs $80.00. That’s eighty bucks for 3.5 grams of cannabis! So that after you’ve spent your money, you have to hope that the product is as fresh as advertised.



The fact is, you can set up a closet grow in your home and buy a name brand 600 Watt LED grow light for $89.00. Or a 1500 Watt LED for around $130 either will work, but with way different results.


Now, I’m not saying that you can build a grow room in your home for $89.00.


Growing Marijuana At Home Has Never Been Easier


But if you have an empty bedroom closet, a timer, three or four 5 gallon buckets and a growing medium like coco coir, the nutrients that would allow you to grow cannabis for more than a year would cost you around $35.00.














Typical Closet Grow After Male Cannabis Plant Removed

The image above shows what could be a typical closet grow. In this case we were pollinating a couple of Afghani plants. We moved the plants to a closet far away from the grow tents. We decided to add a White Widow and Gorilla Blue female to cross with the Afghani that’s why there are three.


Your first crop, in around 3 to 5 months, should partially fill a gallon jar with top quality cannabis flowers (depending on your seeds). You will get better at growing marijuana with time and experience, but it doesn’t take long to pick it up.


The idea is to grow a crop that works for you. You can grow one type, or four different types. You can grow some “White Widow” for those days when you’re having trouble sleeping. On the other hand the “Gorilla Blue” is very stony (24 percent THC) and tends to keep you alert for those marathon gaming sessions.


“Bubba Kush” will keep you laughing (and its buds can grow to an enormous size). Or, if you want to forget your troubles for a while, “Amnesia” can actually give you amnesia.


When you have the money, buy a grow tent and slip that into the closet. It’s easier to keep the space clean with a walk in grow tent, there are plenty of spills. A tent must be 80 inches tall or less to slip into most closets.


Then you add an exhaust fan and a carbon air filter. But only if you need one, When you are done you will have the perfect setup for a lifetime of HOME GROWN MARIJUANA. I typically remove the closet sliding doors and add louvered doors with a closet grow setup. This is what a typical “closet grow” looks like from the outside.


Typical Closet Grow

If you rent you will likely leave the sliding doors installed. Then you leave the sliding door partially open to let the warm air out of the closet if you can’t vent to the attic. If cannabis is legal where you live, why not grow a crop?


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