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Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors In Soil


Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors In Soil

LOS ANGELES CA, February 1, 2020  (Dr Cyberspace) — by Robert Bishop — Growing cannabis plants indoors in soil, or any medium, is legal in 17 states in America. That number continues to grow, as it should, for both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Dr Cyberspace will show you the three mediums in which to Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors; soil, coco coir, and hydro.


The first article in this series was “How To Grow Cannabis Plants Indoors.” The second article was  called “How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds.” This newest article is meant to familiarize new growers with the most common media used for growing cannabis plants indoors.


If you read and followed “How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds.” and your seeds have germinated, plant them without delay. What medium will you choose? Since growing cannabis is a fairly new concept for many in America, we suggest that beginners start in soil.


Growing cannabis in soil can be much more forgiving for the beginner to cannabis cultivation than coco coir or hydro. Soil acts as a buffer between the plant and the nutrients. Soil that is well aerated and uncompacted will enable your cannabis plants to develop rapidly.


PH levels are also important when growing cannabis plants in soil. Using a PH meter you will want to keep the water for your soil grow in the 6.0 to 6.8 PH range for proper nutrient uptake. In coco coir the water with nutrients added should be a bit more acidic between a PH of 5.5 and 6.5.


Beginners Should Use Fox Farm Soil


Roots develop best by growing in light, airy nutrient-rich soil. Pre-fertilized soil contains enough nutrients to get your cannabis plants well into the vegetative stage, if not completely through it. The trick is to purchase a pre-mixed, organic, nutrient-rich soil that takes the guesswork out of feeding your cannabis plants. We like Fox Farm Coco Loco soil to get a strong start with cannabis seedlings and clones.


When your plants sprout and roots are visible it’s time to transplant to a 5-gal bag or bucket. When filling your pots, use Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil to fill the bottom 1/2. Then use Coco Loco soil to fill the top 1/2 of the pot. The benefit is that you’ll get good results by simply watering your cannabis plants a couple of times a week.


The cannabis plant’s roots will spread quickly in the Coco Loco as the plant feeds on the nutrient-rich soil. A strong root system will anchor the cannabis plant in the soil while providing support for growth above the soil.

Give Your Cannabis Plants A Strong Start With Coco Loco


Coco Loco is composed of coco-coir, aged forest products, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, Norwegian-kelp-meal, oyster shell, and dolomite lime. So, in soil, unlike coco coir mixed with perlite, or hydro, you won’t require additional nutrients right away.


However, if your cannabis plants show signs of slowing growth or yellowing leaves, they may need additional nutrients. If so, add some “Grow Big” by Fox Farm. Fox Farm produces a Liquid Nutrient Trio that is perfect for growers who are new to growing cannabis. With this trio, you will be growing cannabis like a seasoned grower.


The trio consists of Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. Follow the directions for use, but mix at about 1/4 strength to start and then increase gradually. Too much fertilizer can be as bad as none at all. With liquid fertilizers, your cannabis plants will show the effects quickly. Below is a portion of the feeding schedule on the Fox Farm website.


Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors In Soil


Your cannabis plants will go through four growth stages after germination. The first stage is seedling, then comes the vegetative stage, then the pre-flowering stage and finally the flowering stage. The seedling growth stage can last a month or longer.


Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors In Soil


During the seedling period, your cannabis plant will establish a root system, grow the main stem and produce sets of leaves. The leaves will convert the light supplied by your grow lights into energy through photosynthesis and keep your cannabis plants growing.


Growing cannabis plants indoors in soil or any medium is easier and more productive in a hydroponic grow tent. But you should choose a tent that works best in your home. The setup should be balanced with an inline exhaust fan and LED grow lights to produce a maximum yield.


Grow Tents Grow Cannabis Plants Better


Grow Tents can take up a lot of space no matter where you put them. For that reason, there are very few tents that I would recommend for indoor gardening. One big reason to use a grow tent is cleanliness. You will have spills of water, soil, and nutrients, it’s unavoidable. You can clean and sterilize the entire inside of a grow tent in minutes, (Using a diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide). After cleaning, you’re ready for another crop. Grow tents also have a highly reflective interior to maximize plant growth.


Purchase A Quality Grow Tent Under $100


We recommend a quality grow tent that costs under $100.00 but can produce large quantities of quality cannabis flower. You can buy it on Amazon and get it shipped for free. The good news is, it will fit into most standard closets with sliding doors and a 4-foot wide opening. The other good news is that it’s tall enough to grow cannabis plants.

Many new growers want a grow tent but don’t realize how big they are. If you don’t have a big basement, then any tent deeper than 2-feet will just get in the way. Also, any tent shorter than 6-feet is just too short for cannabis growing even for auto-flowering cannabis plants.


Autos are short because they are crossed with Cannabis ruderalis. Most marijuana users have heard of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa varieties but not C. ruderalis.


The perfect indoor grow tent, is only 2-feet deep and because of that, it also fits well in your garage. That’s if you don’t have an available closet. Cannabis growing has many laws associated with it in most states that allow medical and or recreational marijuana. Cannabis must be grown indoors is a big one. Another cannabis law says that it should be able to be locked up. The states are mainly interested in keeping it out of the hands of kids. Use this closet-sized grow tent If you don’t require an entire room for your home grown marijuana.


Control The Growth Of Cannabis Plants With Lighting


Your grow tent should include a couple of oscillating fans to simulate the wind which strengthens your cannabis plant’s main stem. As long as you supply your cannabis seedlings 16-24 hours of light daily, they will continue in the vegetative stage. During the vegetative stage, keep your lights at 18/6 (18 hours on 6 hours off) to prepare your cannabis plants for the pre-flowering and the flowering stages.


Growing cannabis plants indoors in soil requires using a hygrometer/thermometer to keep the humidity in your grow tent around 65% and keep temperatures between 72 and 85 degrees. Levels can fluctuate widely some days but don’t worry, cannabis plants are very hardy.


Regulate Humidity And Temperature With Your Exhaust Fan


You can regulate the humidity and temperature inside your grow tent with your grow lights and your inline exhaust fan. Make sure you have a variable speed controller on your exhaust fan. If you already have a fan without a controller, you can buy a controller separately.

Use your lights at night and early morning while it’s cooler and it can help to control the heat. Using full-spectrum LED grow lights instead of High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide grow lights will reduce the heat. By the fourth week of vegetative growth, your cannabis plants should display pre-flowers and reveal their sex. At first sign of flowering, you will add “Tiger Bloom.”

Female cannabis plants left unpollinated will develop without seeds. This is what the Spanish call “sin simella” or without seed. If you purchased feminized seeds from a reputable supplier there is a 99% chance that you will have female plants. If you planted regular seeds then you will likely have both male and female cannabis plants.


When you grow auto-flowering cannabis plants they will flower regardless of the lighting regimen. Autoflowering feminized cannabis plants will be ready for harvest in 70-110 days after germination, depending on the strain.

Time To Switch LED Grow Lights To 12 Hours On And 12 Hours Off


After 4 weeks in veg, it’s time to turn your light timer to 12/12 to induce flowering. That’s 12 hours with the lights on and 12 hours with them off.  Your full spectrum LED grow lights may have a switch to change from veg to flowering stage. Some lights will use both.


Within 7 days you should see buds forming. So, now that your cannabis plants are flowering it’s time to add bud boosting nutrients and Fox Farm has those too. In fact, Fox Farm has all of the organic nutrients your plants will need. The feeding schedule on their website will take you through harvest. I expect you will have an abundant harvest and may require a cannabis bowl trimmer to trim your crop.


When grown correctly your harvest will be worth several thousands of dollars so if you’re smart you won’t tell your neighbors that you’re growing cannabis in your closet. The next article in this grow series will be how to grow cannabis indoors in coco coir. Serious cannabis gardeners should buy the softcover cannabis growers book called “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” by Jorge Cervantes.





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