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Growing Cannabis At Home Can Save You A Fortune

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Growing Cannabis At Home Can Save You A Fortune

LOS ANGELES CA, February, 13 ( Dr Cyberspace ) — by Robert Bishop — Whether it’s medical or recreational cannabis, growing marijuana indoors is now legal in several states. And not a moment too soon…because weed is getting expensive. Growing cannabis at home can save you a fortune.



All across America, states have decriminalized marijuana. What does decriminalized mean? It means you won’t get arrested or go to jail, or face criminal punishment for growing marijuana within set limits.


Growing Cannabis At Home Can Save You A Fortune


My point is…a casual marijuana user can save a lot of money growing cannabis at home these days. Here’s why that’s important. In Los Angeles, cannabis is selling for $50 for an eighth of an ounce of medium quality bud. That’s $400 for an ounce of marijuana!


Cigarette and liquor companies are preparing for a slump in sales as more states decriminalize the use of marijuana. Why will liquor and tobacco sales stall? Because cannabis is a popular product that consumers use to replace tobacco and alcohol. But cannabis is not addictive like tobacco or alcohol.



As you may already know, cigarette and liquor companies are now investing in marijuana farms. That’s because the use of cigarettes and liquor will decline as marijuana laws are relaxed. It’s becoming clear that cannabis is much safer and healthier for consumers than either cigarettes or liquor.


Grow Your Own Medical And Recreational Marijuana


And the best part is…it’s not that difficult to grow your own medical/recreational marijuana. Medical and recreational cannabis are grown using the exact same methods. On top of that…you get to choose the strain with the amount of THC and CBD that you prefer.


Meanwhile, like it or not, growing cannabis indoors is typically a requirement in states that allow homegrown marijuana. It’s also safer to have your cannabis plants indoors when they start producing flowers…the fragrance is unmistakable. You don’t want your neighbors or passersby harvesting your crop after you spent so much time nurturing it.



Plus, if you grow outdoors you are subject to Mother Nature and a single crop each year. Growing marijuana indoors allows you to grow at least three crops each year. Even a small closet grow — when grown correctly — can be worth several thousands of dollars.


Closet Grow Setup Costs Less Than 2 Ounces Of Cannabis


That’s an impressive fact when you consider that a top of the line indoor growing system can be assembled for less than 2 ounces of cannabis. Assembling your cannabis growing system is your biggest outlay but it will last for many years.


You will never get ripped off again buying an inferior product. You pick the cannabis seeds that you want to grow. You’re no longer at the mercy of your local cannabis dispensary. But don’t worry about the dispensaries, they will do just fine charging $400 an ounce. Even at $200 an ounce, cannabis costs $3,200 a pound.

Beginning growers can grow up to 2 pounds of fresh cannabis buds in a small closet grow. In fact, you can grow regular cannabis plants that produce several years’ worth of seeds in a single grow. Then, you refrigerate the seeds (don’t freeze them) and use them whenever you wish.

Buy Cannabis Seeds

Or, you grow all feminized seeds which will produce sinsemilla… which is cannabis without seeds (that’s what you want). Then you take clones from the feminized cannabis plants and your clones will also be feminized. It’s a beautiful thing…and it’s 100% legal.


Just follow your local laws and you won’t have a problem. By the way, some Democrats running for President this year have plans to decriminalize cannabis usage nationally. Subscribe to our newsletter and be first to get the latest on growing medical and recreational marijuana, indoor cannabis cultivation and rapidly changing cannabis laws — straight to your inbox. Unsubscribe anytime using the link included in every email.

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