PSPad-The Free Code Editor

Whether you're a full time developer or you're just trying to get your first website together, you will benefit from this code editor. PSPad was designed for developers of Microsoft Windows Systems.

The readers of Dr Cyberspace come from many countries, and PSPad is in many languages, I hope there is one for you. I use this important tool for editing code in my development of Drupal websites every day. PSPad allows me to work with several files simultaneously, and includes an FTP client that allows me to edit files directly from the web.

PSPad contains the free version of TopStyle Lite for easy CSS editing, it also handles plain text. The PSPad installation contains templates for HTML, PHP, VBScript, MYSQL, Perl, you name it, PSPad has it. It's a small tool with the power of many expensive professional editors.

PSPad is a handy configurable tool that you will use daily. You are no longer limited by cost, start developing today with, what I consider, the best code editing software...period.

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