Google Adwords-Is It For You?

Google AdWords is Google's popular advertising program. Google Adwords, and it's keyword-based advertising, is an excellent method for earning money online, but you must study it before jumping into it unprepared. Last week we looked at Google Adsense as a way to earn money online.

The difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense, is that Adsense is completely free and you will earn money when someone clicks an AdWords ad that you are displaying on your website or in your news feeds. Adwords on the other hand is not free.

You sign up for an Adwords account and create your own ads using the keywords you select for whatever you're selling. When you activate your account, by adding money or a credit card to it, your ads become eligible to appear online.

The AdWords system then seeks out search queries related to the keywords you have chosen, and displays your ads to the individuals searching for your keywords. The most common ad format is still text ads, but other forms like image ads, video ads, and mobile ads are starting to take off.

The way you earn money using Adwords, is to keep your advertising costs well below the revenue you expect to receive from your sales. Many online marketers use Google AdWords to sell their inventory of goods and they do very well with it. Google AdWords is also used heavily in affiliate marketing.

Many affiliate marketers will talk about the number of sales they have but few will disclose the AdWords cost to get those sales. Before starting into Adwords you should study all the information that Google gives you, and there is plenty. If that's not enough there are study guides online by the hundreds. What do you think of AdWords? Leave a comment.

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