Affiliate Marketing And Shortened Urls!

The life blood of affiliate marketing is the product url that contains the affiliate link with your affiliate ID. This is how you get paid for the product referral. If the affiliate link is not being shortened correctly, you could lose out on affiliate commissions.

Twitter is of course the most notorious for shortening urls. If you are promoting products on Twitter, you want to make sure your affiliate link is not being corrupted. Clickbank urls are encrypted, but when the affiliate link shows in the Navigation Toolbar, your actual affiliate ID should show up.

We have a URL shortening service on Dr Cyberspace. Try out your affiliate link here before messaging to Twitter or Facebook. Our service is connected to several different services, but we generally use Tiny Url , which was the most popular Url shortening Service before Twitter joined ranks with

Our service is free and very fast, it takes just a few seconds to shorten any url. It's in the left sidebar under the heading Shorten URLs. This way, you can click the link to make sure it's valid before leaving your message. You should always check your affiliate link to make sure you are getting credit for the product referral.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Don't miss out on affiliate commissions because your affiliate link is corrupted.